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Blood and Brume

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About Maki

I grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area. In high school, I fell madly in love with Classic Literature: Austen, Brontë, Dickens, Dumas, James, Shelly, Tolstoy, and everything else! What I loved most about these books were the ways these authors… Read more

Coming soon… Blood and Brume

Sixteen year old Ellie Porter is done with life. She has had it with her mom’s addiction to booze and losers, and when one of mom’s drunken boyfriends tries to rape her, Ellie runs away from home determined never to return. But Sam, Ellie’s only friend… Read more

Chosen One – a short story

My short story, Chosen One was selected to be included in this great anthology. When one of my good author friends, Katherine Thomlinson, invited me to submit a story to the anthology she was putting together, I jumped at the offer.  Read more

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